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You can still purchase a model when the slots are maxed out, but you will be on the waitlist until a slot becomes available.

Queue List

Status list

ON HOLD: The commission is on halt with reasons based on situations.

WIP: The commission is being worked on.

QUEUED: The commission has yet to be worked on.

If a commission is no longer on the list, it means it's been completed or canceled.


10. Sean_The_Squirrel - Rekkit (Rekkit Returns) | STATUS: WIP
9.  EmeraldWuff & Danjim - Master Splinter (TMNT 2003) | STATUS: QUEUED
8. Oscarito - Tabitha (Slacker Cats) | STATUS: QUEUED
7. Mr Hoo - Ryu-Ran (Yu-Gi-Oh!) | STATUS: QUEUED
6. Danny Palin - Hamton J. Pig (Tiny Toon Adventures) /w 3 additional outfits | STATUS: QUEUED
5. Albert Rodriguez - OC Commission | STATUS: QUEUED
4. Dingoroo - OC Commission | STATUS: QUEUED
3. Arson Hole - SatAM Lupe the Wolf (Model Update) | STATUS: QUEUED
2. OOMPH! - Morag (The Loud House Movie) | STATUS: QUEUED
1. Crispy Toast - Cow (Cow & Chicken) | STATUS: QUEUED

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