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When the slots are maxed out, J.C. will reach back out to any commissioner once commissions becomes available again.

Queue List

Status list

COMPLETED: The commission has finished.

CANCELLED: The commission has ceased production and refunded to the customer.

ON HOLD: The commission is on halt with reasons being based on any situations.

WORKING IN PROGRESS: The commission is being worked on.

QUEUED: The commission has yet to be worked on.

6. Shelly_Kitten - Shelly (OC) (Model only) | QUEUED

5. Daimando - Wanda (OC) | WORKING IN PROGRESS

4. Sorcerer - Fox (OC) | WORKING IN PROGRESS

3. Regulus - Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty 1959 | COMPLETED

2. Sean_The_Squirrel - Sean the Squirrel (OC) | WORKING IN PROGRESS

1. Gameboy121 - Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland 1951 | COMPLETED