- 3D Render commissions involves a scene involving 3D models rendered using Maya and  Arnold Renderer, which you will be seeing under my style. This is NOT where you want me to make a 3d model or variants for you. If you want a 3D model, then click here.


- Commissions are made privately by default. If you want to submit it into your gallery, you have my permission as long as you credit me!

- You must be 17 years of age or older to commission me. Minors must be granted permission from a parent or legal guardian.


- Explain in full detail on what you want for your commission before purchasing. All sales are completely final. Before finalizing your render, I will show you W.I.P.s along the way to make sure there's nothing I have mistaken. If you've spot anything that I've missed what you've said you wanted, then I'll be glad to fix it for you.


- Mainly, I would prefer to make renders involving my own 3D models since they're already rigged, textured and ready to go. However, if there's a model that isn't made by me you would like to have me render in a scene, you have to confirm to me that it's rigged and textured. Also, if possible, make sure you let me know who made the model so I can credit him/her on the submission. 3D inatimate objects is acceptable, but they only need to be textured.


- Depending on how many models you want in the scene, the approximate wait is about 3 to 5 days for the commission to be completed. However, if you feel that it's taking far too long for it to be completed or simply lose interest, then you can request a refund. Refunds will not be given if the product is fully completed after final decisions have been made.

- I will not make anything that's on the prohibited list, period. This is in order to prevent bad publicity and to also comply with the laws. Don't also use my artwork for the purpose of selling, defamation, or any malicious intent.

- If you have any questions, please ask me anything whether the context is sensitive or not, and I'll politely answer you!

- Once you're ready to make a purchase, you can send me an email.



1. Hate art / Offensive material / Revenge art (Racism, Sexism, Hate on a specific cartoon character, show, movie, etc.)
2. NSFW Content (Pornographic Nudity and Gore)
3. Political art (Presidents, Senators, Secretaries, etc.)
4. Religion art (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Hebrew, etc)







SMBSS Mario Render.png





- $5.00 For only one character, no background.

- $6.00 Per Extra Character

- $5.00 Per Object

- $10.00 For Background