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If you're considering buying from J.C., please read the guidelines and the queue list carefully.

When ready, send him an email.




  • Ask me about commissions if you're interested. Sometimes I may be open and somtimes I may not have the time, but when I'm ready, I'll be sure to let you know so we can get started!

  • You must be 17 years of age or older to place an order. Minors who're considering to commission me must be granted permission from thier parent or legal guardian.


  • I'll only accept one or two commissions at a time monthly, so there may be a waiting time until your commission is accepted.


  • Prices can range up to $199 to $299. You can choose either an Official character (Characters that are published, such as Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Rocko, etc) which is $100 cheaper, or an Original character (a character made by yourself and is not published) which is $100 more.

  • You can commission me to do a model of any cartoon character, and it can be something from a cartoon tv show, anime, video game etc.


  • If you want me to make an OC or fan character, I need a reference for the character. It's not a guarantee I'll agree to make your OC. High chances is if your OC is too complex or inappropriate.

  • I usually cannot do cartoon characters that are from shows that aims at a toddler/children demographic (i.e. Barney, Dora the Explorer, Teletubbies). Though, it may vary. Shows like Sesame Street, Dragon Tales, and Arthur are acceptable.

  • I have the right to refuse any character I feel uncomfortable to make, and there will be no exceptions.


  • I don't do NSFW, pornographic, or "anatomically correct" models.


  • The characters, human and anthro, are all modeled naked, but the explicit parts are censored in order to prevent violations of the law in various countries.


  • In order for the model to look accurate enough, I will need front and side references of the character.


  • Before I begin to work on your commission, the payment must be made first.


  • The preferred payment method only accepted is PayPal.


  • There are different payment options to choose from if you can't afford the full model, but the maximum price is $199 for Official Characters and $299 for Original Characters for a completed model.


  • Don't make the purchase unless I say you can make a purchase! This is just so when I feel the timing is right to work on your commission.


  • Refunds are only available until after the model itself is complete, so if you feel everything is not looking well during the making of the model, then you can refund your money.


  • When a refund of a certain process is requested, I'll get %50 of the refund money for my efforts.


  • Refunds can also be made with textures, rigs, facial flexes, etc. However, like before, the refund is only available on either options until it's completed and approved.


  • During the process, I'll send you W.I.P.s of your commission, but this has to be done via Discord for faster responses.


  • All sales are final when the commission is deemed completed and approved by the customer.


  • When the commission is finished, the model will be listed as an available download to the public and will be credited for the commission. However, OC's have the option on making it private depending on how the commissioner feels.


  • Each customer has to commission me a model one at a time. View the progresses below to view open slots or to see the status of your commission.


  • The models are automatically ported to SFM/Garry's Mod shortly thereafter completion.


  • Once the purchase is made, you'll be listed on the queue list. Make sure to read the status updates to keep in track.


  • When a commission is being worked on, it can take about two to four weeks for the model to be completed. Not counting being in the queue


  • Work days are Monday through Friday (Fridays are half-work days). Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays don't count.


  • After the model is complete, the customer is granted a warranty for a week in case if there's any bugs on the model that needs to be fixed, etc.


  • Do not scam me using payback or malicious methods after your approval! Doing so will result in exposure for everyone else's safety, blacklisted on all of my social media accounts and a permanent ban!














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