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- Respect the admins and other members at all times. Don't be disrespectful towards anybody in the server.

- Use limited profanity. Swearing is tolerable, but don't constantly use repeated strong language in the channels.

- Don't use and post offensive material such as racism, sexism, ableism, homophobic, xenophobic, or any discriminative and prejudice content.

- Real or fiction, no posting NSFW content, such as pornographic, sexual fetishes, intense blood and gore, or any other explicit imagery or links.

- Avoid being disruptive. Don't spam messages.

- No posting malicious links or software. Like hacking tools, stolen content, etc.

- No discussing politics, religion, or any sensitive topics that causes heated debates.

-SEVERE- Respect everyone's privacy. Don't dox anybody (i.e. revealing personal information, full name, address, card numbers, etc.)

- No asking J.C. 3D model suggestions. That's only allowable in the Model Suggestion forum.

- This server is invite only due to bots and suspicious users. You can only enter the server by asking J.C. to be invited or invited by a friend.

- You are allowed to invite your friends into the server, but make sure it's someone you know and trust. Don't invite strangers or suspicious people.

- If you want to leave the server, note that you cannot go back in the server unless you're invited again. Helpful tip is you can mute the server until you want to be active in it again. You won't be banned for being inactive, even for years on end.

- Don't @ everyone. J.C. is only authorized to use it for announcements etc.

- If you violate these rules, you'll be at risk for a limited ban. If the SEVERE rules are violated, you'll be banned from the server permanently.

-SEVERE- The server has a three-strike consequence. After being banned twice, the third ban will be permanent.

-SEVERE- If banned, serve the time and learn the lesson until your punishment is over. Making accounts to evade the ban will result in a much harsher, if not a permanent ban.

- If you have any questions, please send a message! Have fun!

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